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We have cared deeply about all of this;

every moment of our life, since 1962.

For the last 60+ years, we’ve operated with one goal in mind: bring good tea to the hardworking people of north India. We strive to do this every day with the least amount of friction for our customers, because it’s hard to get down to business without your first cup!


Aroma in Every Cup

Blend something good, people will enjoy it. Keep doing it right and people will keep coming back for more!

Legacy of 60+ Years

A premier tea blender and retailer  of specialty tea in the north India.

Freshness Inside

The fresh ATCO Tea leaf’s take shortest time in reaching your cup from Tea Gardens of Assam.

High Quality 

Consistent quality & taste at reasonable rates and the highest integrity. 

100 Crores+ Cheers!

Sold 1.5 million kgs of ATCO tea in FY 2019-2020 that can brew more than 100+ Crore Tea Cups.

#1 in India

The retail store in Chandigarh is also the largest single retail counter of tea in India.

Perfect Blending Skills

ATCO’s Packaging Plant is capable of blending and  packaging about 20000 kgs per day in a shift of 8 hours.