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Air conditioning has become a standard feature in most modern cars and needs regular maintenance to ensure optimal operation and long service life. In addition to the loss of coolant, bacteria and fungus may also build up and eventually cause unpleasant odors if the air conditioning system is not cleaned properly. The experts at Bosch-SpeedLinks Car Service Centers can be relied upon for professional maintenance of the air conditioning system and will check the auxiliary heater at the same time. So, you can always enjoy just the right temperature in the car – whether it is freezing cold or boiling hot outside.

During these pandemic days, ACs have played a significant role. Air conditioning system odors are caused by bacteria and fungus. Switching off the system five minutes before the end of a journey helps to stop these forming. As no more air is being drawn in, it is hardly possible for moisture to remain in the system. But the best solution is provided by our AC cleaning service to thoroughly eradicate all bacteria and dirt. Advantage: No unpleasant odors and guaranteed optimum cleaning of the outside air – which is particularly important to anyone suffering from allergies.

Vehicles with an air conditioning system should be checked at least once a year at a specialist workshop. Not only least because the system loses up to 8% of its refrigerant every year. It is also important to check the condition of the most important wearing part, the dryer. This is responsible for extracting moisture from the circulating refrigerant and reducing mechanical wear. Like the engine oil filter, it only has a limited service life.

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