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Every car has any number of wearing parts – in the engine compartment, under the floor or in the passenger compartment. Most of these parts are subject to natural wear in the course of everyday vehicle operation. Examples include worn brake disks, exhaust system corrosion and transmission fluid deterioration. But because this type of wear is not always immediately apparent, it is a good idea to have your car inspected at regular intervals. Otherwise, the resulting damage can lead to expensive repairs. Also, sudden faults could endanger you and other road users. Also, keep safety in mind: have the condition of all braking system components in your vehicle checked at regular intervals. Thanks to the latest Bosch-SpeedLinks Service Center equipment, genuine repair parts and the comprehensive expertise of our specialists, you can keep your vehicle running safely.

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Do you have the feeling that your vehicle’s braking distance is too long? This could be due to excessive aging of the brake fluid and if so, it should be changed without delay. Checking and changing the brake fluid are in fact amongst the most important vehicle maintenance operations. As the fluid constantly absorbs water, vapor bubbles may develop at high temperatures if the water content rises to above 3%. On braking, these bubbles are compressed and may prevent the build-up of sufficient brake pressure. In the worst case this can lead to total failure of the entire braking system. Our recommendation: For your own safety have the brake fluid in your car changed every 2 years.

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