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Tyre Fitting is Precision Work

Bosch-SpeedLinks Workshop is equipped to ensure the correct fitting and balancing of wheels and tyres. SpeedLinks professionals can also support you when selecting new tyres for your vehicle. Bosch-SpeedLinks Car Service workshop provide a full tyre service for your car. We can advise you on which make to buy, fit and change winter and summer tyres. In addition to professional servicing and repair, our experts will also check the inflation pressure and tyre tread. And on request we will be pleased to check the wheel alignment and make any necessary adjustments before fitting new tyres to prevent one-sided or uneven tyre wear.

The Right Fit Battery is a Lifeline

Today, modern vehicles are fitted with ever more demanding electronic equipment, from start/stop systems, navigation units to various electrical needs. Which means that choosing the appropriate battery for your car is crucial to the performance of your vehicle. We are happy to service or replace your car’s battery and properly dispose of the old one.

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