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The increasing number of electronic system components and more extensive electrical equipment makes vehicle repair ever more complicated. This means that servicing of the complex electrical system in a vehicle involves far more than just changing a defective bulb or replacing a blown fuse. The electronic components not only communicate with one another, they sometimes cannot function without one another. So, the failure of just one sensor may even bring the entire electrical system to a standstill. The Bosch-SpeedLinks Car Service experts are ideally equipped to deal with such problems and can always be relied upon for professional car repairs. 

In the event of an electronic failure or warning light in your vehicle, you can rely on Bosch-SpeedLinks experts to quickly locate the problem. Using state of the art diagnostic equipment, they can will quickly identify potential issues that may need professional service. Our experts are fully conversant with diagnosis and trouble-shooting for all brand cars electronically controlled injection systems and electronically supported driver assistance systems.

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